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Sample Projects


A condition survey was completed on this three level,underground post-tensioned concrete parking structure which is prestressed with unbonded slab tendons and bonded beam tendons. The structure is supported on drilled piers. Both non-destructive and destructive testing were completed and defects noted on half-size copies of CADD developed "Survey Drawings". A budget cost estimate for recommended repairs was included in the "Condition Survey Report" which also included photographs, test data, copies of survey drawings and field notes. The Owner was advised of certain immediate safety issues involving loose ceiling concrete.

After meeting with the Owner to discuss the recommendations, LGM Engineers developed repair drawings and specifications, and a contract for repairs was initiated. The project involved considerable unbonded slab tendon repairs as seen in the attached photo. Engineering services provided by LGM Engineers included the following:

1. Condition Survey with Budget Cost Estimate for repairs.
2. Preparation of Contract Documents for repairs.
3. Construction Services: Shop Drawing Review and Field Surveillance.

These services enabled the Owner to continue the use of the facility, extended the life of the structure and reduced the potential liability due to safety issues.


LGM Engineers completed an investigation of slab-on-grade cracking in a floor for housing units at a correctional facility. The project was under construction at the time of the investigation. Following are engineering services provided.

1. Review contract documents
2. – drawings and specifications. Field locate contraction and construction joints – show on copies of PLANS.
3. Map cracks and measure crack widths – show on copies of PLANS.
4. Review applicable change orders and requests for information (RFI’s).
5. Review concrete cylinder test reports and concrete mixture design.
6. Visit site and make abbreviated spot check of reinforcement prior to concrete placement.
7. Observe concrete placement: handling, finishing, curing and testing procedures.
8. Meet with Owner’s Representative and Contractor to discuss findings and recommendations.
9. Provide report with Conclusions and Recommendations.

LGM Engineers provided the Owner with an independent review of concrete practices for this particular phase of the project. The Owner was concerned that slab cracking would impact the future maintenance and life of the facility.